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A Few Things About Wetlands that Might Surprise You

  • The amount of carbon that wetlands store is enormous. The soil in peat wetlands, specifically, stores more carbon than rainforests do. Despite the fact that they take up a mere 3% of earth’s surface, they store an entire third of the world’s carbon supply.
  • You can find wetlands on every continent except for Antarctica.
  • From the salty marshes of the everglades to the inlets of the Dismal Swamp, the wetlands of the world illustrate both saltwater and freshwater characteristics, or even a combination of the two, known as ‘brackish.’
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  • According to the National Wildlife Federation, because of the landscape’s ability to trap and store excess rainfall, they’re natural protective barriers to coastal communities. Just one acre of wetland can store over 1 million gallons of floodwater.
  • Around ⅓ of endangered species that call the United States home depends on wetlands either directly or indirectly for survival.



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