Asian Carp (Bighead and Silver)

Asian Carp (Bighead and Silver)


  • Compete with other native fish for food, thereby impacting the abundance of the affected species.
  • Silver carp can jump up to 10 feet out of the water, landing in boats.
  • May cause injury if they collide with a person mid-jump.
  • Are filter-feeders, straining large amounts of microscopic plants and animals out of the water.

Description & Origin

  • Bighead and Silver (Asian) carp both look very similar with eyes set below a large, toothless upturned mouth and a silver hue to the body.
  • They are native to southern and central China and were imported in the 1970’s as a potential biological control for algae production in ponds.
  • Juvenile Asian carp look very similar to and can be difficult to distinguish from gizzard shad and other native baitfish.

Means of spread

The most likely means of spread by humans is transporting bait. Be sure to Clean, Drain, Dispose, and Dry!

bighead carp
silver carp