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Assessor's Office


Douglas County has approximately 30,000 parcels. The County Assessor's Office maintains an estimated value and a classification (based on actual use) on each of them.  The market value is supposed to be what the property would probably sell for if placed on the open market. There are essentially 5 classifications - residential, seasonal, apartment, agricultural, and commercial/industrial. Additionally, the property is either homesteaded or non-homestead. Applications must be filed in order to be considered for the homestead classification and there are deadlines that must be met.

Values are established as of January 2 of each year.  The sale prices of properties that are sold are compared with their assessed values to determine whether the assessed values of the district meets state requirements. Notices are mailed to each property owner in the spring of each year advising the owner of the property value and classification and the process to appeal if the owner disagrees.  Please see Board of Review Schedule on the right.

Some districts hire their own "local assessor" who is an independent contractor. Contact our office to determine who viewed and valued your property.

Sales information and general information about county totals can be found on the Total Valuation & Sales Info page.

For an illustration of how recent legislative changes can affect your property taxes, see Property Tax Law Changes link below.


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