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Inmate Property & Money

When an inmate is booked in, their personal property and money is inventoried and securely stored. Money that comes in with an inmate is deposited into their account. Inmates review the property log during the booking process and sign the property form acknowledging the inventory accuracy. If property is retained as evidence by the arresting officer, the inmate will need to make arrangements with that agency to have those items returned.

If the inmate wishes to have property or money released to someone outside of the jail, they may fill out a Property Release form when the individual they are releasing property to comes to the jail to pick it up. No individual items may be released. All property (minus the inmate’s original clothing and shoes) is to be released at one time.

Money may be dropped off for an inmate. A KIOSK to deposit funds is available in the public vestibule just inside the main entrance to the building. Funds deposited into the KIOSK will immediately show up in the inmate’s account. Checks or money orders that are mailed to the inmate are promptly deposited into the inmate’s account. Only send money orders or checks issued to the inmate through the mail. Never send cash through the mail. Click here for more information on mailing money to an inmate. (link goes to Mail page)