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Death Certificate

Douglas County Recorder – 305 8th Ave West Alexandria, MN 56308 – 320-762-3877

As a Local Issuance Office, our office issues certified copies of death records.  Death records are available statewide beginning in the year 1997, so you may request the death record from any county in Minnesota.  For deaths prior to 1997, you must obtain the certified copy from the county in which the death occurred. 

To request the death certificate, complete the death certificate application and bring it in to our office with your check, cash or credit card for payment. 

If requesting via mail, fax or email, please be sure to have your signature notarized and complete the payment information section on page 2.

Certified copy fees:

$13.00 for the first copy of the certificate

$6.00 for each additional certificate for the same record ordered at the same time