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Auditor/Treasurer's Office

AUDITOR/TREASURER’S OFFICE - New location at 821 Cedar Street lower level 

The Auditor/Treasurer is elected to office every four years and is in charge of property tax administration, cash management, and chief elections administrator for the county. By statute, the Auditor/Treasurer is also a member of the county Board of Equalization, county Canvassing Board, and serves on various committees as directed by the county Board of Commissioners.

Responsibilities of the Auditor/Treasurer office include:

Elections / Voter Registration / Absentee Voting: The office conducts all county, state, and federal elections affecting our county residents. Duties include candidate filings, voter registration, ballot preparation, administering absentee and mail ballots, training elections judges, providing election supplies to voting precincts, and reporting election results to the MN Secretary of State and review by the Canvassing Board.

Property Tax Calculation & Special Assessments: Based on the levy certified by the county, cities, townships, school districts, and special taxing districts, the property tax rates are calculated in relation to the tax capacity of the districts. Special assessments are computed and added to the tax statement as certified by the local taxing districts. After each tax collection period, the collected funds are disbursed accordingly to the local governments. Current and delinquent taxes are computed and collected in accordance with Minnesota property tax law.

Property Tax Statement Mailings: Property tax statements are mailed annually in the Spring (on or before March 31st) with the exception of mobile home tax statements mailed in mid-July. Proposed property tax notices for the upcoming year are mailed in mid-late November.

Property Tax Payment Options: Douglas County has convenient options for paying your property taxes. Those options include ACH Direct Payment plan; exterior drop box located on the west side of the administration building and a drive thru drop box in the parking lot; online credit card or virtual check payments; mail in your payment; or pay in person at our office.

Property Tax Payment Due Dates: According to state statute, property taxes must be paid on or before the following due dates to avoid late penalty.  Postmark qualifies as timely payment for these due dates.

  • May 15th first half real estate and agricultural property taxes are due
  • August 31st first half mobile home taxes are due
  • October 15th second half real estate property taxes are due
  • November 15th second half agricultural and mobile home property taxes are due

Tax Forfeited Land: The county Auditor/Treasurer’s Office administers the disposition of tax forfeited lands. These properties are awarded to the state as a result of non-payment of property taxes after a 3-year redemption period has expired.  (The former 5-year redemption period was reduced by the state to 3-years effective January 1, 2014.)

Cash Management: The Auditor/Treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping of county revenues and invests surplus funds consistent with state statute and county board policy. The county board created a separate centralized Finance Office in February, 2021. The two offices work closely together to provide a system of checks and balances necessary for management of county funds.

Licenses and Permits: The county Auditor/Treasure’s office issues liquor, beer, and wine licenses through the Minnesota Liquor Control Commission to establishments located outside city limits. Additional licenses and permits issued through this office are auctioneer, gambling, dangerous dog, precious metal and transient merchant licenses.

Notary Service: Licensed notaries are available at the Auditor/Treasurer’s office.


Auditor/Treasurer's Office
821 Cedar St
Alexandria, MN 56308
Fax: 320-762-2389
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