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Sheriff's Office Records

The Records Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal, state and local laws regarding law enforcement records. They manage the collection, classification, organization and retrieval of records and provide data entry services while maintaining quality control and confidentiality of those records. Other duties include transcribing reports, image scanning, processing citations for court, sending cases to prosecutors and assisting walk-in traffic and the public with their requests.

Law Enforcement record classifications are: “Public data not on individuals”, Public data on individuals”, “Private data on individuals”, “Nonpublic data”, “Confidential data on individuals” and “Protected nonpublic data”. 

Minnesota State Statutes 13.82 and 13.44 pertain to law enforcement records and their classifications.

For Guidelines and Procedures for accessing data pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act reference the MN SS Chapter 13 link located under related links on this page.

Record requests can be submitted at any time of the day or night. Requests can be made in person, by telephone, fax, mail or email. We will respond to your request as soon as reasonably possible.

We are located at:
216 7th Avenue West Alexandria, MN 56308
Phone: 320-759-6225
Fax: 320-762-1038
Public information requests can be submitted using the Request for Information form located to the right of this page. The form can be filled out and then emailed to, faxed or dropped off at the Sheriff's Office at any time.

All private information will need to be requested in person at the Sheriff’s Office.

Juvenile information is restricted and will only be released to the guardian of the juvenile.

Recorded 911 calls are private and cannot be released to the general public. A transcript may be provided at a standard rate. See the Fee Schedule for cost of a 911 transcript.