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E911 Addressing

How to obtain an E911 Address

Applying for an E911 Address

The Douglas County Surveyor’s Office is responsible for issuing E911 Addresses (the blue numbered address signs) outside of all incorporated city limits in Douglas County. The location of the driveway, where it meets the road, is the most important part of the information that we need to complete your request. The parcel or PIN# for the property will also be required.

1. To apply for an address or replacement sign click the link above. Under "Start New Permit" select "E911 Address and Sign Application". Create a new user by selecting “Register Now” and filling in your contact information and following the required steps. After you create your new user profile, it will take you back to “Start a New Permit” to select “E911 Address and Sign Application” again, so you can select the “Create Application” button. From this page you will need to follow steps 1, 2 and 3 to complete the application. We have created an instructional video called “Apply for E911 Address Video” and a PDF document with embedded hyperlinks called “Apply for an E911 Address” to help navigate the permit process. The video link and document are both located under Resources and Related links at the bottom of this webpage.

2. During the process please upload a site map showing your driveway location. Include distances from the center of your driveway at the road, to all nearby driveways, both across the road and on the same side of the road. If there are no other driveways nearby, measure distances to your property lines where they intersect the road. It may be helpful to use our “GIS Interactive Parcel Mapping Application” or use Google or Bing Maps to make an aerial print of the property to show your driveway location and distances.

3. Addresses can also be applied for in person using the same application process listed above at Douglas County Public Works: 526 Willow Drive, Alexandria MN 56308.

4. What else should I know?: To keep the cost of issuing addresses low, we rely on the Owner or Builder to provide accurate information and measurements to the driveway location. If false or incorrect measurements are given and the driveway is later found to be in a different location than stated on the Application, the property will be re-addressed and the owner will be charged a new $35 sign fee, along with an address change, at their expense. It is important to furnish enough information to ensure your address will not need to be changed.


Signs are set in the summer and fall each year: Signs are installed in the summer to allow for driveways, to be finished after spring weight restrictions are lifted, and in the fall before winter sets in. Owners are responsible for temporary signage until your permanent sign is installed.

The United States Postal Service is responsible for assigning Zip Codes. The address application will be returned with a proposed Post Office Zip Code and the contact phone number of the Post Office. It is the responsibility of the owner to verify mail delivery with the Post Office.

Most addresses are issued and emailed within 7-10 working days, provided all the required information is supplied on the Application.

If an E911 sign is stolen or knocked down, it is the property owner's responsibility to see that it is replaced. Replacement sign blades cost $26.00 and posts are $9.00. To order replacements click on "Applying for an E911 Address" link above. Select 'Replacement Sign/Post'  within that application form.

How to name new streets in Douglas County

The Douglas County Surveyor’s Office is responsible for ensuring new road names meet N.E.N.A. and Douglas County Street Naming Standards.

  1. Print Street Naming Conventions form: The Douglas County Subdivision Ordinance requires that proposed street names are to be shown on the preliminary plats, this is stated in Section 6.3, number 6 part a. This form must be completed, reviewed and signed by the following entities in the order in which they are listed for the approval of new street names.
  2. Print Douglas County Street Naming Standards: This Street Naming Standards form is to be used as guide to aid in the naming of streets in Douglas County. NENA (National Emergency Number Association) standards also need to be applied when naming new streets.
  3. Deliver, E-mail, Mail or Fax Street Naming Form to Douglas County Public Works: This form can be dropped off at 526 Willow Drive or mailed to: Douglas County E911 Address PO BOX 398 ALEXANDRIA MN 56308 or Faxed to 320-762-2998 Attn: Mark Jorgenson or Patrick Veraguth.
  4. Who to contact with questions: Contact Mark Jorgenson at Douglas County Public Works Survey Division with any road name questions at 320-762-2988. A current list of all existing road names is available to the right.