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Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)

In 1988 the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office formed a Tactical Response Unit. The Tactical Response Unit was made up of deputies from within the Sheriff’s Office.  Today the team goes by the name Douglas County SWAT.

The goal of the Douglas County SWAT Team is to provide tactical support to our local law enforcement agencies, neighboring law enforcement agencies, and neighboring SWAT Teams in carrying out their duties to protect and serve the citizens within their communities.

In 2007 officers from the Alexandria Police Department joined the SWAT team to increase the number of SWAT members available to respond to high risk call outs.

The SWAT Team currently consists of 10 deputies, 4 officers, and a K-9 assigned to the entry team. 2 deputies assigned to negotiations, and 1 deputy assigned to team communications.  The SWAT Team also has 3 team medics from the community ranging from paramedic to a medical doctor who respond to call outs and train with the team monthly.

Positions on the SWAT Team are voluntary and all members complete monthly training above and beyond their normal work duties.  There are also physical fitness requirements that must be met by each member of the team during the annual PT test.