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Land Survey & Maps

The County Surveyor supervises the Land Survey Division of the Public Works Department under the administrative direction of the County Highway Engineer.

The Land Survey Division's mission is to maintain the records and landmarks of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) throughout Douglas County.

In addition to this primary responsibility the division duties include: 

Reviews and approves proposed land subdivision plats, Common Interest Community (CIC) plats and Registered Land Survey plats prior to recording.
Develop and maintain a countywide network of 300 geodetic control monuments to serve as the basis for horizontal and vertical control for the county coordinate system, aerial and terrestrial mapping and public land resurvey information.

Provide highway right-of-way plats, easement descriptions and horizontal/vertical control for highway construction. It also provides land surveying services to the Public Works Department for road and bridge maintenance and construction projects, assists with parcel mapping projects. Prepare and administer aerial photography and mapping contracts.

Prepare and maintain half-section maps, county and township road inventory maps and custom mapping as requested.

Assign E911 addresses, maintain the E911 road and address location maps and publish the County Rural Address Atlas.

Maintain a land information database that includes resurvey information, copies of public and private surveys, certificates of location, GLO township plats and field notes, recorded subdivision plats, section maps, township road orders and maps, current and historic aerial photos and county surveyor projects.

Develop partnerships with state agencies, other governmental jurisdictions and the private sector to eliminate duplication of effort.

Assist public agencies, private sector and citizen users to access all available database and services.

Provide professional surveying services and expertise to county departments and other governmental agencies.

Develop and direct programs that utilize new technologies and methods to provide for the future needs of the county. 

Survey Data Access
Land surveyors can sign up by filling out the Land Survey Data User Agreement link to the right and send it to the County Surveyor.