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Emergency Management

Director: Julie Anderson
Deputy Director: Mark McCabe

The Douglas County Emergency Management team wants all residents and visitors in the county to be prepared for storms and emergencies that may require them to take protective action. Julie Anderson is the emergency management director. She and Deputy Director Mark McCabe are responsible for providing personal emergency preparedness information and for creating and implementing an Emergency Operations Plan. They work with government agencies, schools, voluntary organizations, healthcare professionals, the private sector and others to ensure this plan provides for quick response and long-term recovery. Residents and visitors may also call 320-304-7115 during regular business hours for preparedness resources and information. 

Sign up today to receive Douglas County Code Red emergency messages. Simply click the image below.


Severe Weather Awareness

Tornadoes, high wind events, lightning and winter storms can all be deadly. The summer of 2022 showed how devastating severe weather can be here in Douglas County. We want all of our residents and visitors to take preparation seriously and provide the following information to help in the process.

Outdoor Warning Sirens

Outdoor warning sirens will sound during tornado warnings and may sound during severe thunderstorm warnings depending on the speed of the wind and size of the hail falling. Whenever a person hears an outdoor warning siren sound they should immediately get inside and learn what is happening. Tune to local radio, local television or your favorite phone app. The National Weather Service will use Code Red and Wireless Emergency Alerts to send severe weather information to cell phones and landlines. Wireless Emergency Alerts go to all cell phones within the danger area. Code Red messages go to those who have signed up for the service in advance. See the link on this page to access the registration site. Douglas County will use the same platforms to send follow-up life safety information in the event of a storm causing downed power lines or other damage.

Outdoor warning sirens are also activated for a few minutes the first Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. This is done to ensure the sirens are in proper working order and to encourage everyone to practice their response to severe weather. 

Emergency Supplies

It's important to have supplies on hand in the event severe weather or a human caused emergency requires you to shelter in place. Those supplies include:

Flashlight and extra batteries (or know how the flashlight on your phone works)
Three gallons of water for every person in your household plus water for pets for each day of shelter. 
Extra food  - high energy food that does not require cooking is best

Emergency generator and emergency fuel supply. Also remember to run the generator a couple of times each year to ensure it's in proper working order and that you are still able to lift and move it. 
Phone charger in your basement or safe room 
Whistle to alert authorities you need assistance if the structure you are in is damaged. 
Battery operated radio and knowledge of local radio stations 

Evacuation Preparedness

Some emergencies may require evacuation. Be prepared if authorities recommend you leave the area for a short duration. 

Preparedness Pal

Everyone should have a preparedness pal. This is a person, chosen in advance of an evacuation, who will allow you to stay in their home during the evacuation. While a shelter will eventually be opened, staffed and supplied, it's often much easier to stay at a friend or relatives home. 

Ensure that you and your preparedness pal both have your phone numbers written down on a piece of paper that is stored.

Go Kit

Have a "go kit" with the following items: 

small amount of life saving medicine and sampler asthma inhaler if needed
change of clothes 
extra pair of reading glasses
phone charger or extra phone/computer charging supply 



Additional Resources 

There are other types of emergencies that, while exceedingly rare, could occur. 
FEMA has prepared a resource sheet in the event of a nuclear incident.  You can find that at this link

Further down thispage, you will find additional helpful fact sheets and a link to sign up for Code Red.
Douglas County Emergency Management is also a  NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador
ambassador wrn weather ready nation