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Emergency Management

Director: Julie Anderson
Deputy Director: Mark McCabe

The Douglas County Emergency Management team wants all residents and visitors in the county to be prepared for storms and emergencies that may require them to take protective action. Julie Anderson is the emergency management director. She and Deputy Director Mark McCabe are responsible for creating and implementing an Emergency Operations Plan. They work with government agencies, schools, voluntary organizations, healthcare professionals, the private sector and others to ensure this plan provides for quick response and long-term recovery.

Winter Hazard Awareness

Blizzards, ice storms, power outages and very cold temperatures can happen upon us quickly. Usually there is a weather watch and warning in place before the dangerous conditions arrive so please have a way to be informed. This can be an app from your favorite news outlet or our Code Red system here in Douglas County.

Winter Storm Supplies

It's important to be prepared for the hazardous weather. Have supplies on hand well in advance. They include:

Flashlight and extra batteries (or know how the flashlight on your phone works)
Extra food and bottled water - high energy food that does not require cooking is best
Emergency heating source such as a space heater, and enough room to run it safely

During a Storm

Stay inside.
Eat and drink water. Food provides the body with enough energy to stay warm and it's crucial to stay hydrated.
Close off rooms you don't use.
Cover windows at night.

If you must travel

Check to see what the road conditions are like. There are three live traffic management cameras that show road conditions on I-94 around Alexandria.  
Always have the following items in your vehicle before you head out:

  • Phone charger
  • Extra hats, hand warmers and a blanket
  • Small shovel 
  • High energy snacks and bottled water 
On this page, you will find helpful fact sheets and a link to sign up for Code Red.

Douglas County Emergency Management is a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador
ambassador wrn weather ready nation