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Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Staff safety is a priority for the Douglas County Jail. The rising number of inmates and jail incidents, due to increasingly volatile inmates, initiated the need for Douglas County to expand their training.

Douglas County invited members of the Washington County CERT to train our staff on cell extractions in the fall of 2005. Then in August of 2006, our training officers attended the Washington County CERT training.

The Douglas County Sheriff and Jail Administrator were able to see the lower incident rate and the safety benefits and of these trainings. The Douglas County CERT was created in the spring of 2007 and currently has 16 members.

The CERT trains monthly so that in the event of a disturbance, fire or medical situation, they are prepared to carry out their duties to provide for the safety and security of the jail. Some of these skills include: special equipment training, verbal skills and teamwork.