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Sex Offenders

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is committed to keeping our community safe and informed regarding predatory offenders that live within our area. We provide the residents of Douglas County the following information as a tool to assist with questions they may have regarding the topic of predatory offenders.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office works closely with the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in tracking and keeping predatory offender information current. The MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension maintains the predatory offender registry for the State of Minnesota. A public website providing information pertaining to level 3 and non-compliant predatory offenders is available at the Minnesota Predatory Offender Registration website.

Predatory offenders that serve time in a prison facility are subject to an end of confinement review board. The end of confinement review board assigns predatory offenders a risk level based on the offender’s likelihood to re-offend. Predatory offenders that serve time in a county jail facility are not assigned a risk level.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is determined to assure that predatory offenders living in Douglas County maintain a compliant status. Douglas County deputies complete compliance checks on each offender living in our county on a regular basis to ensure their registered information is accurate.

For more information about predatory offenders and personal safety, you may contact:

  • The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Mike Tvrdik.   
  • The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Predatory Offender Registration public website.   
  • The Minnesota Department of Corrections, Level 3 Sex Offender Information website.