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Gas Drive-Off Program

In recent years, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has responded to a plethora of calls for service to convenience stores and service stations reporting fuel no-pays/drive-offs. Less than 7% of these cases resulted in charges being filed. Most, if not all, of these incidents could have been avoided had retailers opted to require “pay before you pump” policies.

Minnesota State Statute 604.15 provides a civil process for service stations and convenience stores to recover losses and fees associated with gas drive-offs prior to involving law enforcement. For businesses wishing to continue their policy of “pump before you pay,” the Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association (MSSA) has adopted a procedure to help recover the costs associated with these gas drive-offs. Follow this link to get more information on the MSSA Drive Off Program.

Effective January 1st, 2024, Douglas County businesses wishing to submit a gas drive-off for criminal investigation by the sheriff’s office must first complete the notice of nonpayment process laid out in MN Statute 604.15 or in the MSSA Gas Drive-Off Program. If there has been no resolution during the 30-day notice period, the business may then request a criminal investigation. The following criteria must be submitted to our office prior to an investigation being initiated.

  • The retailer must provide an accurate description of the vehicle, license plate number, and description of the suspect.
  • The retailer must provide video/digital imaging which captures the suspect vehicle license plate number as well as the suspect dispensing the fuel.
  • The retailer must complete this form: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Motor Vehicle Fuel Theft Report.
  • The retailer must provide a copy of the Notice and Demand of Payment for Motor Fuel along with the certified mail receipt showing the 30-day waiting period has passed.
  • The retailer must provide a copy of a signed statement by the employee who reported the act, describing what the employee observed.

This information should be sent to, or mailed to:

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Gas Drive Off Program

216 7th Avenue W

Alexandria, MN 56308

Please contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office with any questions regarding current gas drive-off policy.

Thank you.