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Septic Systems

Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS)

Douglas County is home to over 300 lakes and has thousands of parcels alongside their shores. Many people live here specifically to enjoy our rich natural resources. We depend on these natural resources for our quality of life. Tourism is a driver of our local economy, and locals choose Douglas County as a home because it has so much to offer. We all have a responsibility to protect our economy and our way of life and it starts with properly managing the water that we use; from conserving our domestic water to ensuring that all used water is fully treated before it re-enters the environment.

Treating sewage is everyone’s responsibility. Residents within towns, cities, and sewer districts have their sewage treated at a treatment plant where costs are covered by taxes, assessments, and direct charges. Residents in areas without access to municipal treatment plants own, operate and maintain their own “mini-treatment plants” – their septic system.

To the right of the page, you will find standard resources for each participant involvement regarding their system.

Questions and concerns can be brought to the attention of:
Land and Resource Management
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