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Juvenile Prosecution

The Douglas County Attorney’s Office prosecutes juvenile offenders (children aged 10-17) who break the law within Douglas County.   In addition to public safety concerns, the juvenile prosecutor must consider the particular needs of the juvenile.  Our juvenile attorneys handle cases ranging from petty offenses (e.g., tobacco and alcohol) to felonies.   As part of the charging process, the prosecutor must also decide whether to file motions to certify a child to stand trial as an adult, or motions to designate the child an Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile (EJJ).  These decisions are based on the severity of the offense as well as the child's age, prior offense and programming history.  Certification cases may be retained in the juvenile unit through trial and sentencing.

Juvenile Diversion Program

The Douglas County Attorney’s Office offers a Pretrial Juvenile Diversion Program as an alternative to court. The program is designed to further the following goals:


  1. To provide eligible offenders with an alternative to adjudication that emphasizes restorative justice.
  2. To reduce the costs and caseload burdens on juvenile courts and the juvenile justice system.
  3. To minimize recidivism among diverted offenders.
  4. To develop responsible alternatives to the juvenile justice system for eligible offenders.


Who is eligible?   First time juvenile offenders charged with Minor Consumption of Alcohol, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Petty Drug Paraphernalia Possession, Petty Possession of Marijuana, and Petty Theft.

What are the benefits of going through diversion?

  • The cost of the class is less than the court fine.
  • The juvenile's citation will be dismissed after attending the class, so there will not be a court record that the juvenile committed the offense. 
  • The workshops provide positive tools to examine your present situation, take control of your actions and improve your life.


What Programs are offered?

1. Yield Class - This program is for juveniles cited for minor consumption/possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana, or possession of drug paraphernalia.  This is a two hour class.  The fee for the class is $ 50.00 in addition to a $ 50.00 administrative fee.

2. Theft Clinic - This program is for juveniles cited petty theft.  This is also a two hour class that costs $ 50.00 in addition to a $ 50.00 administrative fee.

Scholarships are available for juveniles that cannot afford the costs of these classes.  Funding for scholarships is derived from the administrative fees collected.