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Land Notification

Land Notification Alerts warn property owners when documents are recorded against their personal name or business.  Each time an alert is triggered, an email is sent providing an update of any activity.

  • Receive email property alerts
  • Stay on top of fraudulent claims
  • Protect your most valuable asset


Do Land Notification Alerts cost anything?

This is a free service to property owners provided by the county. You only need to sign up.


Will I get unwanted emails?

We will contact you only when a record with your name is recorded on an official document or suspicious recorded activity is suspected. You can unsubscribe to the service at any time.


What do I need to sign up?

You will need an email account with Google, Yahoo, or OpenID to sign up for the land notifications.


What is property fraud?

When someone illegally uses your name on records related to your property for financial gain or acquisition of your assets.


How often does property fraud happen?

Mortgage and real estate fraud do occur and are growing crimes in our society. Monitoring records on your property is one of the steps in prevention of this crime.


Prevent fraud and sign up for Douglas County Land Notification Alerts at: