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Douglas County Board Meeting May 2 2023

Posted: 05/02/2023

Author: Julie Anderson

Category: County Board, Departments

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The Douglas County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, May 2, began with a public hearing to amend and strengthen the Douglas County Dangerous Dog Ordinance. Auditor Treasurer Vicki Doehling presented the proposed ordinance which begins by stating that Douglas County finds it important to provide an ordinance that will ensure the safety of residents by regulating dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs.

A dangerous dog is defined as any dog that has, without provocation, inflicted substantial bodily harm on a human being on public or private property, killed a domestic animal without provocation while off the owner’s property or been found to be potentially dangerous, and after the owner has notice the dog is potentially dangerous, the dog aggressively bites, attacks, or endangers the safety of humans or domestic animals.

A potentially dangerous dog is defined as one that when unprovoked, inflicts bites on a human or domestic animal on public or private property, when unprovoked, chases or approaches a person, including a person on a bicycle, upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public or private property, other than the dog owner’s property, in an apparent attitude of attack, or has a known propensity, tendency, or disposition to attack unprovoked, causing injury or otherwise threatening the safety of humans or domestic animals.

Notice of a potentially dangerous dog will be provided to the owner of such dog who then has a right to appeal the determination within 14 days after receipt of the notice.

Notice will also be given to the owner of a dangerous dog and the right to appeal is also available in this situation. However, immediately upon receipt of the notice, the dog must be muzzled and restrained by a leash or chain. No person may own a dangerous dog in Douglas County unless it is registered. That process is outlined in the updated ordinance which can be found at or inspected at the Auditor Treasurer’s Office at 821 Cedar Street in Alexandria.

One resident spoke at the public hearing. She wanted clarification on how to report a potentially dangerous dog. Douglas County Sheriff Troy Wolbersen, who was at the meeting, said the procedure is to call the Sheriff’s Office at 320-762-8151.

Public Works

Public Works Director Tim Erickson asked commissioners to approve the purchase and application of up to 200,000 gallons of  calcium chloride to be used on roads to reduce dust during the summer months.

Commissioners also approved the purchase and installation of engineered wood fiber chips for Lake Brophy Park playground. The chips need to be of a certain size for safety and wheelchair accessibility. The chips will be 6 inches deep and should not be a risk for slivers.

Social Services

Commissioners accepted two donations for $250.00 each. The funds are from West Central MN Communities Action and Alomere Health. The money will go to help pay for the Senior Expo which will be held at St. Mary’s Education Center June 22. The event is free and open to all seniors in the county. It begins at 8 a.m. with coffee, donuts, registration, and vendor booths. Reserve your spot by calling Senior Services Coordinator Dinara Dykema at 320-760-3047.

Land and Resource Management

Director Dave Rush presented the commissioners with the Solid Waste Designation Ordinance. This ordinance will require all haulers to take garbage, refuse and other solid waste from residential, commercial, industrial and community activities to the Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Facility. Small, self-haulers are exempt from two of the provisions. The entire ordinance is available by contacting the Land and Resource Management Office at 320-762-3863.

The county says this ordinance is needed to ensure that the Pope Douglas Waste to Energy Facility has enough material to burn to generate steam which creates energy.

Commissioners approved the ordinance which will go into effect July 4, 2023.

Board of Commissioners

Commissioners routinely review their per diem and mileage expenses at board meetings. It’s an opportunity for them to share news from their many committee assignments and any additional activities they’ve undertaken for the good of their constituents. Commissioner Shane Schmidt shared he had gone to view the Landon Craig property following concern by a number of nearby residents who would be impacted if the board approves a significant expansion of the hog feedlot on his property. The Planning and Advisory Commission had held a public hearing on the expansion and approved a Conditional Use Permit for the project, but residents told board members at the April 18 meeting they hadn’t received timely notice of that hearing and they wanted a second chance to share their views and concerns on odor and runoff. The feedlot expansion request is to grow from 67 to 299 animal units on the farm near Mill Lake.  The board sent the request back to the Planning Advisory Commission (PAC) which will allow input at its May 9 meeting. The PAC meets at 6 p.m. at the Douglas County Courthouse 305 8th Avenue W, Alexandria. The meetings are held in the former boardroom on the second level.  



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